Cie. Barolosolo · New circus · France

Odemira · Santiago do Cacém
4 TO 12 JUN

Worlds are changing right in front of us. The rural world, the world of the body, the world of work.

Whilst Mr. Arménio, a former postman from Aljezur, takes care of his vegetable garden, as his father taught him, people sick and tired of the hustle and bustle of the city arrive to change their lives and work remotely. Whilst these people turn on their computers, Pramin, a young worker, tends to huge fields of red berries, fondly remembering his former bandmates who stayed in Kathmandu.

Are we facing a shifting of cycles?

While new faces, new bodies and new occupations populate this region, it is important that we don’t forget how we got here.

In this southwest of Portugal, we can still glimpse the different times that inhabited the territory. We start the year with Viagem a Portugal – Paragem Alentejo (Journey to Portugal - Alentejo Stop), a documentary theatre piece by Teatro do Vestido, directed by Joana Craveiro, which is the result of the relationship of research and permanence in the field, and the creation of human bonds, which it allows to know and get to know stories and being able to retell them in the form of theatre. The performers will talk about the Portuguese Agrarian Reform of the 70s, rural work and the relationship of belonging of different populations within their territory.

A journey can change a life, and Balad'O from the Barolosolo company is living proof of that. This is an aquatic circus performance where the artists set off on a journey and transform themselves along the way into half animals, half humans, culminating in a grand dance with fireworks.

However, before this aquatic journey we will travel through the air with Les Voyages of the XY Company. An out-of-the-ordinary acrobatic odyssey, strongly sensorial and visual, full of bodies in balance, tension, movement and harmony. An unusual combination of strength, sensitivity and precision.

Between March and April we will host Attraction Céleste with two performances in Alentejo and one in Algarve to take us to the limits of laughter and tears through tragic and wonderful clownish dramas.

In May, we will immerse ourselves in the village of Abela to get to know Povoado, a creation of dance, music and words by Madalena Victorino and Rémi Gallet, who together with the population, their crafts and their stories, will weave a new tale for this place.

We invite you therefore to come on a voyage with us across worlds of work and journey.


18 FEB TO 12 MAR

Viagem a Portugal – Paragem Alentejo

Teatro do Vestido / Documentary Theatre / Portugal

4 TO 20 MAR

Bibeu and Humphrey

Cie. Attraction Céleste / New Circus / France

11 TO 27 MAR


Cie. Attraction Céleste / New Circus / France

16 AND 25 APR

Les Voyages

Cie. XY / Contemporary Circus / France

15 AND 16 APR


Giacomo Scalisi / Theatre / Portugal

6 TO 8 MAI


Madalena Victorino, Rémi Gallet and guests / Dance, music, spoken word / Portugal

4 TO 12 JUN


Cie. Barolosolo / New Circus / France

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